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Added: (Tue Oct 11 2011)

Pressbox (Press Release) - A piece of cloth or a flag which bears a symbol, slogan, message or logo is known as a banner. Making of banner is an age old art. They are sewed with embroidery, fabric painting, appliqué work, patch work etc. The word banner is derived from Late Latin bandum means a flag made from piece of cloth. Banns also means a public announcement made in churches about a marriage to avoid invalid marriages. Banners are of many types Like Heraldic banners, Religious banners, trade union banners and advertising banners.

A heraldic banner which is also known as banner of arms is a banner that displays only basic coat of arms. It is a shield which contains design. Generally these heraldic banners are either rectangular or square. Religious banners are used in churches during the processions of outside and inside of the church building. But now days the banners become a permanent display either in the walls or in the pillars of churches. There are also banners in other worshipping places. Jesus Christ’s messages are also communicated through these banners. To make these religious banners the maker must have proper knowledge of Religious rituals and symbols.

From the year 1840 trade union banners are made in Britain. Earlier days these trade union banners are made by local coach painters, decorators or sign writers. They are prepared by a local member who is supposed to be artistic. But form 1837 these banners are produced by a firm of George Tutill of Chesham which is in Buckighamshire. In London these banners are woven by Huguenots from pure silk. At their peak time they had some 17,000 looms for weaving these banners. Special Museums like Beamish Museum in the North East and Pump House People’s history Museum in Manchester are there for preserving, restoring and exhibiting these trade union banners.

Modern advertising pvc banners are derived from the traditional cut- vinyl banners. These commercial fabric and vinyl material banners have plastic background which is printed within large inkjet printers, an ultra-wide format. Ultraviolet-curable inks and Solvent Inks are used for printing. These banners are used for marketing and for business enterprises. Banners are plastered behind window screen like billboards and an airplane can tow these banners. In a glass medium a two sided banner can be displayed both inside and outside. On the internet advertisements which resemble the shape of the banner is called web banner.

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