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Introducing emanuel studios

Presenting the Emanuel Studios... A new universe has been unleashed.... The time of inspired creating is at hand... Emanuel has arrived.... Engulfed Planet... Reever... Quantum x… and many more original creations by Jonathan Emanuel. Buy these titles online at our store, play online games, r(Added: Tue Aug 21 2007)

Emerald launches first ever journal dedicated to the study of place management

Free online trial or sample copy of the inaugural issue to be made available on publication UNITED KINGDOM, 21 August 2007 – Emerald Group Publishing Limited is pleased to announce the launch of another exciting new journal in 2008. The Journal of Place Management and Development aims to further k(Added: Tue Aug 21 2007)

Does Google Really Hate us SEO's?

After reading a couple of recent articles, some directly saying that Google hates SEO's and others being more stealthy in their aspersions, the question has to be asked. Does Google really hate SEO's? Well in this authors humble opinion, No! Google does not hate SEO's, or at least search engine (Added: Tue Aug 21 2007)

Photography Recruitment Website Launches

Photography Jobs Finder launches to provide the photography industry with its first dedicated recruitment website for job seekers and employers. In a recent survey of 78 people working within the photography field 59 stated they had experienced problems when searching online for work and found it(Added: Tue Aug 21 2007)

Dyslexics Landmark Disability Court Ruling

Dyslexia can now be classed as a disability as far as employment law is concerned according to Nick Poole, solicitor at Darlington law firm Latimer Hinks. This advice follows a landmark court case that could have a major impact on local people who suffer from the condition and the organisations t(Added: Tue Aug 21 2007)

Live Streaming Bingo Online

Online bingo in Britain is witnessing a great upturn in its fortunes; this is something that has been apparent for a while. Bingo clubs have witnessed an increasing membership, consequently an upgrading of facilities which have combined to target a younger audience and a much better public image. Th(Added: Tue Aug 21 2007)

Cebu-Mactan Serviced Apartments from Just USD783 per month

SDR Mactan Island Serviced Apartments in Cebu, today announced that their popular monthly serviced apartment package will continue until the end of the year. Offering apartments from just USD783 per month or USD224 weekly (inc. GST). SDR provide cosy fully-furnished, high standard apartment (larg(Added: Tue Aug 21 2007)

KekeTop hits Asakusa Jinta in Helsinki Festival

KekeTop hits Asakusa Jinta in Helsinki Festival at Huvilateltta. Read more>>> http://www.keketop.com greetings KekeTop http://www.keketop.com/ http://www.sundvall.org/ (Added: Tue Aug 21 2007)

Exotic Erotic Ball Celebrates 28th Year with Best-Ever Weekend Travel Deals

FOR IMMEDIATE PRESS RELEASE For more info, please contact: Christopher Buttner, President PRThatRocks.com Chris@prthatrocks.com Exotic Erotic Ball Celebrates 28th Year with Best-Ever Weekend Travel Deals Courtyard, Radisson Block Entire Floors at $99/Night Two-day Festival Includes Snoop (Added: Tue Aug 21 2007)

"Italian Americans and Federal Hill" is big Surprise of Film Festival

(Providence, Rhode Island, USA) The 11th Annual Rhode Island International Film Festival (RIIFF) has named "Italian Americans and Federal Hill" the 1st Place, Audience Choice Award winner for Best Documentary out of 2,491 entries submitted and 320 films screened during this year's festival. Produ(Added: Tue Aug 21 2007)

Make Money Online - How to Make Money Online - Easy Steps to Make Money Online

You have found yourself at a great place because after reading this article you will know what it takes to make money online. Honestly, sometimes it is much better if you know nothing about internet marketing because then you will follow directions more precisely. Many people will purchase guides (Added: Mon Aug 20 2007)

New mystery novel entitled BLACKER’S WOOD by Jack Leathem is published

Michael Dawson, a gifted twelve year old, is recruited by an old woman neighbour, of Romany stock, to help her solve a family mystery. Aided by his friend, Maxie and Canis, Michael’s strange dog, he follows a trail from a nearby wood to 17th century war-torn Europe, where the exploits of a mercenar(Added: Mon Aug 20 2007)

Teacher's Edition: You Can Draw Cartoony Things! A Printable Creative Playbook

“Life is like a ten speed bicycle. Most of us have gears we never use.” Charles M. Schulz, Cartoonist CreativeSlush.com now offers the Teacher's Edition of the downloadable e-book, You Can Draw Cartoony Things! A Printable Creative Playbook featuring easy cartoony lessons geared towards chil(Added: Mon Aug 20 2007)

Recycled Building Materials

We want to reduce the impact the housing industry is having on the environment by recycling 95% of unwanted building materials in East Sussex. The level of waste within the construction industry needs to be reduced for environmental and economic reasons. By changing people’s wasteful behaviour w(Added: Mon Aug 20 2007)

Portsmouth U.F.O. sends mail to France as balloon goes up over dockyard

The unidentified flying object seen at high altitude over England’s South Coast a week ago has at last been identified… it was actually 16 multi-coloured, giant helium-filled balloons flying in formation, each one towing a long ribbon tied to a postcard from Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. “I was ama(Added: Mon Aug 20 2007)

Posture Dynamics: A catalyst for health education

Prevention, education and treatment are the key elements of focus for London-based osteopath practitioners, Posture Dynamics – helping a spread of generations to sustain their health, fitness and posture. Top levels of expert advice serve as a catalyst for health education at leading osteopath p(Added: Mon Aug 20 2007)

Gadgets To Explore Your Talent

Hope you have been practicing singing in the past week and your vocal chords are now prepared to take on the nuances of getting on with the real thing- the actual recording.

Moving on from where we left off the last time around – here are the rest of the gadgets you will need to set up yo(Added: Mon Aug 20 2007)

OMLogic Founder to Empower SEM Professionals in their Careers at SES San Jose

Pradeep Chopra, one of the co-founders of OMLogic Consulting, an Online Marketing consulting company, will speak on Search Engine Marketing career opportunities at SES San Jose conference on Aug 22, 2007. New Delhi, India (Aug 15, 2007): Pradeep Chopra will participate in the panel titled “So You(Added: Mon Aug 20 2007)

Hallelujah Haggis: Allison Crowe's Golden Age of Rock and Roll

This week, a video of Allison Crowe performing Leonard Cohen's glorious "Hallelujah" ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vIMOdVXAPJ0 ) passed the viewership of Rufus Wainright's most popular video rendition of the song on YouTube. With over 375,000 views, only the top Hallelujah vids by Leonard Cohen a(Added: Mon Aug 20 2007)

Midnightsky Fibers Offers Hand Spun Yarns and Fibers To Crafters and Wholesalers

Mukilteo, WA – August 20, 2007 – How yarn actually becomes yarn was once a lost form of art, but the demand for unique, back-to-basics fibers from the 53 million knitters across the nation has kept artists like Jennifer Wisbeck, owner of Midnightsky Fibers, very busy and very happy. Wisbeck, who(Added: Mon Aug 20 2007)

Virginia's New Online Local News & Social Networking Website Announced.

An addition to the online media serving Loudoun County, Northern Virginia and the greater Washington DC metropolitan area has been announced. Sterling, VA - Online Directory Networks, publishers of the new search engine FindTheSearch.com, today announced the release of its long awaited local new(Added: Mon Aug 20 2007)

Country Singer/Songwriter Kellie Coffey Releases Much Anticipated New Album Walk On

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Video Single I Would Die For That Exploding on YouTube Over 70,000 Hits in Four Weeks Los Angeles, CA-August 20, 2007-The Academy of Country Music’s Top New Female of 2003, Kellie Coffey, is back with a new independent album entitled “Walk On.” The follow-up release to h(Added: Mon Aug 20 2007)

Distrakt sets lyrics ablaze at Scribble Jam!

When Distrakt performed at the Scribble Jam Meet – N – Greet in Ohio August 9th 2007 at The Poison Room. He started his set off with a cappella rhyme he just wrote. As he was reciting the rhyme from a table napkin, Distrakt literally blazed the rhyme up in flames in his hands drawing the crowd to au(Added: Sun Aug 19 2007)

International Company Now Hiring (12207)

Would you like to earn money each week for completing various clerical based projects and assignments from home? We are now hiring home based clerical typists to complete projects and assignments paid on a per project basis. Experience is not required as we supply all training within our o(Added: Sun Aug 19 2007)

Jewish Holiday Calendar 5768 2007-2008

Press Release from dArt Dear Sir/Madam! dArt presents the Jewish Holiday Calendar 5768 2007-2008 by Simon Levin Jewish Holiday Premium Elegant Calendar 5768 2007-2008 . 11''Ş 8.5''. Gloss White. Jewish Holidays. The Calendar includes 13 artworks. Suitable for presenting as a gift. Product (Added: Sun Aug 19 2007)

Speculation opportunity of a decade? Patent that could tackle climate change for sale on Ebay 1p

Today a patent that could tackle climate change was offered for sale on Ebay with a starting price of 1p. PCT/GB2006/000610 was described as potentially being worth billions of dollars as it could: * increase the amount of energy obtained from growing cereal crops thereby reducing reliance o(Added: Sat Aug 18 2007)

3D Art Modelings nature projects

Press Release from dArt Dear Sir/Madam! dArt presents the 3D Art Modelings nature projects by Simon Levin 3D Art Modelling Nature with fractals supplied in up to 800 (width) x 600 (height) pixels. Product Details: JPG File Dimension: 800 x 600 pixels (2.7" x 2" at 300 dpi) Download:(Added: Sat Aug 18 2007)

Kentucky Colonel To Host Best Of 48 Hour Film Project Awards

Press Contact: Greta Golding Vicarious New York Director of Media Relations 646-342-8647 vicariouspr@aol.com For Immediate Release Kentucky Colonel To Host Best Of 48 Hour Film Project Awards Comedy Central’s Jade Esteban Estrada will headline event to honor Texas filmmakers August 19 (Added: Sat Aug 18 2007)

There is a new children's book author on the scene

There is a new children's book author on the scene: His name is Robert Evans. Robert was born in Scotland, raised in Leicester, and has resided in the United States for many years. (In Leicester he was a neighbor and schoolmate of the now infamous playwright, Joe Orton.) If Mr. Evans continues t(Added: Sat Aug 18 2007)

Day by Day – Rossa Bella, A Study in RedPhotographer Anon Rosso’s Rossa Bella, A Study in Red made h

Photographer Anon Rosso’s Rossa Bella, A Study in Red made her debut into the art scene as an art-a-day artist. Originating as a blog on www.rossobella.com, her intimate images of red juxtaposed upon the female figure are presented one day at a time. Working with small limited editions of ten, the (Added: Fri Aug 17 2007)
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