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Abstract Art - Personal Musings from Scottish Abstract Artist - Lorraine G Huber


A novel entitled: GLOBAL DAWN

THE EXTRAORDINARY TALE OF REUVEN SOFER, LAND SURVEYOR AND MUSICIAN, FATED TO BE AN AGENT OF GLOBAL CHANGE: This is a story wrapped in alchemy and mysticism according to ancient Biblical and Mayan prophecies. Seeded among Israel’s bohemian fringe of artists and visionaries, the Global Dawn project r(Added: Sat Feb 18 2006)

Modern Technology Opens the Gate to the Supernatural

Grand Rapids, Mi. February 18, 2006 — Fulfilled Bible prophecy and scientific data agree; Our physical world has merged with the spiritual realm. Arrogant man along with technology, unwittingly opened the electro-magnetic gate to the supernatural. Something very significant and extreme(Added: Sat Feb 18 2006)

Villa Caruso exhibits established raw art

Italy is famous for its fantastic architecture. The Villa Caruso Bellosguardo is probably the most famous Villa in the ‘Lastra A Signa’ region near Florence. The villa was built on the hills overlooking Lastra in 1585 by the Florentine architect Dosio. Villa Caruso Bellosguardo was endowed with a be(Added: Sat Feb 18 2006)

Bidding Begins On First Ever Fairytale Auction

Contact Information: Anantha Shree PRToday@mac.com (401) 633-6963 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: (February 17th, 2006) “Bidding Begins On First Ever Fairytale Auction” Providence, RI – The first real life fairytale being offered for sale on EBay is causing a buzz among online bidders.(Added: Sat Feb 18 2006)

Earn a degree in an Winter Olympic Sport: Kids Combine Snowboarding, Alpine Skiing & College Degree

For Immediate Release Contact Tom Peric' 856-874-0049 tom@thegalileo.com Winter Olympics Provide Backdrop for an Unusual Degree: Adventure Sports McHenry, Md., Feb. 17 – Millions of college-bound kids and their parents sit transfixed in front of their televisions sets as America’s winter(Added: Fri Feb 17 2006)

Eliza James on the Road Again with Burt Bacharach

LOS ANGELES, CA—Professional violinist Eliza James is all too familiar with the ‘no rest for the weary’ idiom. Having just returned from Park City, Utah, where she played a series of gigs with Cody Carpenter’s band at the Sundance Film Festival (most notably the ASCAP Music Café), James is already (Added: Fri Feb 17 2006)

Authentic kabbalah Jewelry from the Holy land

Kabbalah-Corner offers a wide range of unique and authentic Kabbalah items, designed by great kabbalistic artists who were trained by distinguished Rabbis of Israel that examined and approved the final products. Our primary mission at Kabbalah-Corner.com is to be your one-stop destination for Ka(Added: Fri Feb 17 2006)

Tribal Strengthens Client Services Delivery with New Client Service Director

/starts… Tribal Strengthens Client Services Delivery with New Client Service Director Tribal DDB has appointed Craig Morgan as its new Client Service Director to strengthen its client service delivery across its portfolio of accounts, including the Guardian, Volkswagen and TUI. Morgan wil(Added: Fri Feb 17 2006)

Textfairy.com sends your “Best Wishes” to Torino

Textfairy.com is known to be a free service that helps people. Helps people find missing pets and children. Helps people get and send alerts for thing like leaving your car headlights on so that you may avoid a dead battery. Textfairy.com is now allowing anyone that wishes to send a “Good Luck” mes(Added: Fri Feb 17 2006)

Istanbul Modern Art Museum. Exhibition of Modern Turkish Sculpture

Turkey-Real Estates Net ( http://www.turkey-realestates.net ) as a source of news and information about Turkey wants to inform about the activities of Istanbul Modern Art Museum. Istanbul Modern aims to shine a light on the history of Modern Turkish sculpture with an exhibition called "A Selectio(Added: Fri Feb 17 2006)

Norfilms Webcinema Awards 2005

DATE: 16th, February, 2006 Norfilms.com have announced their 2005 web design awards for independent film producers. Norfilms, an independent British film and TV production company, are supporters and hosts to the international Webcinema network of independent film producers and write an annual d(Added: Fri Feb 17 2006)

Renelvis and the "Elvis Cup" will appear at Manifest Music in Charlotte,NC 2/18/06

Renelvis and the "Elvis Cup" will appear at Manifest Music in Charlotte,NC 2/18/06 at 5:00 pm..( on South Blvd.) Very rare public appearance. SO WHAT DO you get when you take a cup of water Elvis Presley drank onstage, store it in a freezer for about 10 years, thaw it, seal it in a vial, then st(Added: Thu Feb 16 2006)

Technical Solutions Inc. announces partnership with Blue Onyx Consulting

Technical Solutions, Inc. announces Exclusive Partnership with Blue Onyx Consulting Downers Grove, Illinois / Monday February 20, 2006 – Technical Solutions, Inc., a women owned, 13 year old provider of IT consulting and staffing solutions, today announced an exclusive partnership with Blue Onyx (Added: Thu Feb 16 2006)

Filmmaker fraudulently dubs Japanese interviewees

A forthcoming film by Irish director Graham Jones entitled 'Fudge 44' features a vast number of Japanese interview subjects. English-speaking voiceovers are employed to convey what interviewees are saying, as is common in such productions. However, Jones has not interpreted the words of his sub(Added: Thu Feb 16 2006)

GeoDATA 2006: FREE Educational Seminars for the GIS Community

February 2006 - Training 4 GIS™, the training and consultancy division of The GeoInformation Group™, announced today that it is offering its fourth national GeoDATA seminar series showcasing geographic data and the benefits they bring to those within both the public and private sectors. Due to (Added: Thu Feb 16 2006)

Fresh Voices - Fresh Choices For Readers

Each year Read An E-Book Week celebrates the fresh voices and fresh choices of electronic literature. There remains no doubt that e-books have gone from oddity to mainstream when the top 10 bestselling list for 2005 includes the Bible, Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary and Star Wars: Episode (Added: Thu Feb 16 2006)

The New PlatterPicks.com Gives Straightforward Album Reviews

MALVERNE, NY, February 14, 2006 – The creators of TheCelebrityCafe.com proudly announce the introduction of the new PlatterPicks.com. This site offers simple reviews of CDs covering a variety of genres. It is a comprehensive collection, covering everything from A Capella to Punk and just about eve(Added: Thu Feb 16 2006)


A series of Death Penalty drawings by Canadian pen & ink artist Kathy Braceland has set Hollywood's teeth on edge. Andrew Klavan's best-selling novel "True Crime," inspired her insightful and provocative drawings. After completing his book, she set out on her own political crusade to bring(Added: Wed Feb 15 2006)

"New Greeting Cards Concept Set To Take Greeting Cards Industry By Storm. The 1st Ever 3D Toy in a G

A new revolution is about to hit the greeting card sector, this Spring, as TheCuteShopTM unveils the worlds first ever Toy in a CardTM. This new and unique design allows the user to pull out sections of the card and create a 3 dimensional paper toy that's independent of the card itself. Users are th(Added: Wed Feb 15 2006)

Its All In The Name To Make A Million Dollars

A 28 year old British entrepreneur could become the next dot com millionaire after thinking up an unique idea to make one million dollars by having one million names added to the homepage of his website. Paul Nichol is hoping to follow in the footsteps of British student Alex Tew and his now famo(Added: Wed Feb 15 2006)

nFlow teams up with Timeframe in Australia

UK digital dictation developer nFlow, has teamed up with Australian specialist legal consultants, Timeframe Systems, to offer its popular digital dictation software nFlow DDS to Australian law firms. Following hot on the heels of its major competitor Bighand, nFlow DDS is already attracting signific(Added: Wed Feb 15 2006)

Tagz Team, Inc. Introduces Two New Writing Websites

Tagz Team, Inc. recently launched two new writing websites. TagzTeam, Inc. created these websites to fill the void in reliable writing information that currently exists on the Internet. While there are already websites that discuss writing, Tagz Team, Inc.'s writing websites will, together, provide (Added: Wed Feb 15 2006)

Tagz Team, Inc. Introduces Twelve New Arts-And-Entertainment Websites

Tagz Team, Inc. recently launched twelve new arts-and-entertainment websites. TagzTeam, Inc. created these websites to fill the void in reliable arts-and-entertainment information that currently exists on the Internet. While there are already websites that discuss arts and entertainment, Tagz Team, (Added: Wed Feb 15 2006)

TORNADO introduces “Wireless over Copper” solution at CeBIT 2006

Press Release For immediate release - TORNADO introduces “Wireless over Copper” solution at CeBIT 2006 - Spijkenisse, the Netherlands, Februari 15th 2006 – TORNADO, supplier of computer peripherals, introduces their first “wireless over copper” solution: a wireless extender called Tornado(Added: Wed Feb 15 2006)

President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo message to Journey Philippines Visitors Guide

Philippines. My salutations to the publishers, editors, readers of the Journey Philippines Visitors Guide – Anniversary issue. I share your enthusiasm in coming up with this magazine as it will promote to the world the best that the Philippines has to offer. Indeed, your publication will provid(Added: Wed Feb 15 2006)

Resveratrol - miracle antioxidant

One of the best sources of resveratrol is GRAPES! This antioxidant is so potent that one woman claimed she was able to cure many cancer patients just by giving them a raw food diet and plenty of fresh grapes and grape juice. Her story is described in detail in chapter two of a new book - PAINLESS CA(Added: Wed Feb 15 2006)

Fantasy Author Tad Williams Reviewed.

Find out what we thought of The Dragon Bone Chair by Tad Williams, the first book of Memory, Sorrow and Thorn. mannastaff.com is the official home of Fantasy author Peter Anstiss, a place where you can find news of his work and other writers of the same genre. Read reviews of Gemmell, Feist, Brooks(Added: Tue Feb 14 2006)

Premier-Audio - Online Car Audio Like No Body's Business

February 14, 2006 -- Premier Audio (http://www.Premier-Audio.com) a new up and comer in the over-growing world of online car audio stores, separates its self among the rest. Premier Audio is among thousands of online car audio dealers, and is confident that it will be among some of the elite. Th(Added: Tue Feb 14 2006)

RadioBangkok.net Adds Legal Advice Show With Bangkok Based Thailand Law Expert

Bangkok, Thailand – RadioBangkok.net announced a first ever legal advice show, Legal Eagle, with Greg Lange, managing director of Sunbelt Asia, and renowned expert on Thai law. “It’s for anybody who is venturing to Thailand, not just expats or business people. Greg Lange gives invaluable legal tips(Added: Tue Feb 14 2006)
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