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iCambaCoin: Gold Mine of the New Revolutionary Digital Currency

Added: (Thu Jan 25 2018)

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Book Title: iCambaCoin – Scam or the next big thing?
Author: Chris Bartsch
Book Release Date: 27.01.2018 (Paperback)
eBook Release Date: 01.02.2018
Paper Back ISBN: 978-3-947256-03-7
URL: www.mineyourwealth.com
Twitter: capbartsch
Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/mineyourwealth/
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/mineyourwealth/
Email: press@mineyourwealth.com
Phone Number: 00498954041070


iCambaCoin: Gold Mine of the New Revolutionary Digital Currency

“’ iCambaCoin- Scam or the next big thing?’ presents you a golden opportunity and ideas to shape and redefine your life”

ICambaCoin, ready to be launched on 27th of January 2018 (e-book on 2nd of February 2018), offers its readers life-changing experiences and opportunities. iCambaCoin – Scam or the next big thing? as a book, educates and arms every one of its avid readers with the opportunities that present them with ways to leverage and tap into a single crypto digital currency – iCambaCoin. The coin is capable of being used across online borders with ease and convenience. The audio version of the author’s first crypto currency book is already on Amazon’s Echo system, which means one can listen to the book while driving or jogging. The iCambaCoin e-book can be preordered and is then also available on the Echo system. This new book presents the niche coin iCambaCoin, which can be fully delved into but not yet listed on the crypto currency exchanges. Since its number of wallets has not reached the minimum required amount, it will need some time to break through that entry barrier. Nevertheless, the coins mission to be used as a payment method for the general public offers interesting investment opportunities. The book is preparing the readers ahead and the wise readers of the book would be the first to get the bounty when the time is ripe.

Unlike Bitcoin which has become totally saturated and synonymous with scam, the book explains that iCambaCoin is a new but highly secure cryptocurrency which will be a permanent alternative to making payment for goods and services, buying cloths and shoes, victuals and drinks, paying school fees , donation to the orphanage or for booking a flight abroad with ease. iCambaCoin uses an innovative proof of stake technology to maintain its system, providing the most secured networks to make fast online transactions.

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, interviewed by the author of the book, believed those who are educated by the author (e.g. by reading this book or taking part in the corresponding educative courses) have a vintage advantage of making it big when they optimally use the ideas shared by the author. Also the renowned American Serial Entrepreneur JT Foxx (net value $500M) endorsed the author as the next crypto currency Tycoon, after the successful release of the previous crypto currency book by the same author.

The book shows iCambaCoin as an independent digital leverage that offers a secured peer to peer decentralized network owned by all community members which the author expects the reader to be.

As many people and the whole world are tilting in direction of cryptocurrency, iCambaCoin will create history and surpass the achievement of Bitcoin. Hence, one needs to quickly get a copy of the book. Readers of the book, wise users and willing investors are expected to seize the rare gate of opportunities which the book has opened to determine the way money is spent and stored anywhere in the world. 24/7 online support is in place for the user of iCambaCoin and this makes it highly easier, convenient and much faster in comparison with other cryptocurrencies. With iCambaCoin, investors can make more returns on investment when they do it wisely.

“By educating clients we empower them to be successful investors in niche markets. A game changer uses his competitive advantage through this strategic education. Niche coins will grow in value with less waste of resources while generating passive income. Mining crypto currencies is like the natural growth of a forest.” Chris Bartsch, the author of this great book asserted.

For information and updates, visit www.mineyourwealth.com
or email: press@mineyourwealth.com
For book purchase: visit www.amazon.com or www.mineyourwealth.com
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/mineyourwealth/

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