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double stack breeding cage

Added: (Wed Feb 07 2018)

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Double stack breeding cage
I may be a little biased and the pet stores and breeders probably won't agree with some of these reasons to select adoption over purchasing and breeding. I'm not saying all pet stores are bad and all breeders are bad but I just happen to favor adopting birds from all the adoption and rescue organizations over purchasing from stores and breeders. So if you're thinking about getting a parrot, consider these reasons for adopting rather than getting a parrot from your local pet store or breeder.
Double stack breeding cage
Be a part of the solution. Many people every day purchase a parrot without fulling considering the reasons NOT to purchase a parrot. A pet parrot isn't for everybody or every lifestyle. Literally 1000's of unwanted parrots are placed up for adoption and are in need of good homes because the new owner learns that a parrot isn't compatible with their life. The adoption and rescue organizations have to turn away parrots in need due to the large volume of parrots being given up for adoption. This is a major problem and you adopting a parrot is part of the solution.
Double stack breeding cage
Save some cash! Breeders and pet stores often charge premium prices. On the other hand, rescues are usually more interested in finding a good home for a bird than they are in finding a huge profit. Adopting is often less expensive and the parrot frequently comes with a cage and the basic accessories. And if you're lucky, it will be the same cage and toys that the rescue parrot is currently living with so it will help the parrot transition into it's new surroundings.
Double stack breeding cage
Rescue orgs need your support to continue their support. All that bird food, toys and care for rescue birds has to come from somewhere. If you've ever visited a rescue (I'd recommend it) then you probably noticed that it's probably not a highly profitable operation. It's often very expensive to operate and most new rescues fail because the costs of operation exceed the income from operations.
Learn a little or a learn a lot. If you're new to the pet parrot world this is a great opportunity to educate yourself. Rescue personnel are often very knowledgeable and will start you off on the right foot. They're often a great source of information unlike some of the people at the local pet store. Rescues often offer and provide information, education and training for new adopting 'parronts' as a public service.
Double stack breeding cage
Are you ready for a parrot? Rescue's will screen you and inform you about your decision to own a parrot instead of selling you whatever you want. It's in their best interest to help you become a life long parrot owner instead of someone that will be coming back it a couple weeks to place the parrot up for adoption AGAIN! Take this opportunity to see if you're ready for taking on this new responsibility.
Double stack breeding cage
Stand up and be counted! Cast your vote for the parrots in need! You can do this by using your dollars to cast your vote. Spending money at a pet store supports the sale of parrots at pet stores which takes away from the birds in need of being rescued. Likewise, spending money on wild caught birds and/or breeders supports their methods instead of supporting the parrots in need of being rescued.
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