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Santini - The World's Most Extreme Hardcore Escape Artist to Perform his "Cremation Chamber" Live Ne

Added: (Wed Dec 21 2005)

Pressbox (Press Release) - World Renowned Canadian Escape Artist Santini has announced that he will Debut the World's Most Original and Dangerous Escape Stunt Ever called "The Cremation Chamber" New Years Eve Live in Toronto. Event will take place New Years Eve in Toronto, and simulcast Live "Coast To Coast" to millions of viewers in Canada. If Santini survives this extreme test of skill and courage, this has the potential to be one of the most watched Live escape attempts seen in history. No Edits; No Second Chances.

Santini commented about his New Years Eve stunt, "Once I'm secured inside the vault, a metal box will be bolted over the top of the handle and dial on the outside of the door preventing my staff from a quick rescue should it be needed. Other precautions have also been taken to make the vault as escape proof as possible. On the inside of the vault door, the steel plate that covers the lock that is normally removable has been replaced with a single sheet of steel so that there is no access to the mechanism on the door." Santini continued, "On three sides of the vault are propane flamethrowers that will be turned on once everything is secured outside, sending flames pounding against the metal sides and back of the vault. This ones going to be the toughest of my career."

Dan Hughes, Producer of Canada's New Years Eve Bash on CHUM Television provided the following quote regarding the extreme escape attempt, "When Santini told us he planned to be handcuffed, then locked inside a vault that would be blasted with propane torches (turning the vault into a virtual oven), we thought this will be riveting, suspenseful TV. I have no idea how he plans to escape. We just hope that he does."

Bob LeMieux and At Cost Productions is Santini's US Representative and said "When Steve (Santini) first told me of this "Cremation Chamber," I was totally blown away. This Genius has single-handedly created his own Original Form of Entertainment that incorporates imminent danger to each of his incredibly impossible escapes, and never gives his live audiences any "Altered" or "Watered Down" entertainment. Any true genuine artist should be performing original created stunts that no one else has ever done before, and approach their art form in a totally different, unique, "One of a kind" way then everyone else." Mr. LeMieux continued, "With Santini's originality, maybe now he will finally get all the respect that he rightly deserves for all of his extreme creations, and this is just a sample of this work. Imagine what we have planned in the future."

Santini is known as one of the World's Greatest Extreme Hardcore Escape Artist for good reasons. During his Live performances, he continually faces Impossible Escapes and Tests Man Against Metal, all in full view of his audiences. In October, Santini performed several of his stunts Live on national Canadian television for a "Ripley's Believe It Or Not" promotion, and for another Canadian staple program called "Much Music." During one performance, after being secured by locks and chains, he then was strapped in a straight jacket, and he needed to escape while he was being drawn into a Live Running Chainsaw, that was surrounded by Razor Sharp Swords. In another Stunt, his wrists are Locked and Chained to the back of a Dragster, and once secure, he gets 10 seconds to free himself before the vehicle races off at over 150 mph. And if that's not enough, Santini also Escaped from a Canadian Death Row Prison Cell. He was first scanned with a metal detector to ensure he had no hidden object, then secured like "Hannibal Lecter" from the movie "Silence Of The Lambs" (face mask, straight jacket, and chained to a Dolly), and then Locked inside the Cell and throughout the entire Block. Minutes later he emerged from the front door. Santini has performed many equally Extreme stunts, and once audience members sees his performance Live, they never forget what they just witnessed. In September, Santini also filmed a full length music video based around one of his stunts by the Swedish Heavy Metal band "Serpent," who wrote an original composition for him after viewing his performance. Santini is also planning to bring his Extreme stunts to new audiences wanting to experience "Something Different."

Asked why anyone would attempt such a daring escape feat, Santini replied, "There are a lot of so called extreme magic, illusion, and escape tests flooding international television these days, but many of them are filled with camera trickery and special cuts and edits." "By performing this escape live in front of millions of viewers at home, and a live audience, people can rest assured that what they are seeing is 100% real and is not an edit or an illusion". Santini continued: "Performing for over 25 years, I'm trying to revive and put that old time "Live" atmosphere back in the air, like it use to be performed before the days of radio and television."

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