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Mountain Mirrors' "Improvisations From a Void", out on February 2, 2002!

Added: (Sun Oct 28 2001)

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Mountain Mirrors P.O. Box 884 Mattapoisett, MA 02739

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October 28, 2001
Please Hold Until November 1st:

-Mountain Mirrors' Primate "Improvisations From a Void" Out February 1, 2002-

Jeffrey Sanders has announced the release date of the first full- length Mountain

Mirrors album on February 1, 2002.

Tracks from a 4-song pre-release demo have been added to playlists at colleges

across New England, as well as internet radio shows, worldwide- most

recently, psychedelic spacejam ecclectic rockshow "Supanova Radio" in England

and Dublin, Germany's anti-corperate, ecclectic mega-syndicated "Lord Litter Radio


" The latest songs I've been channelling have just blown everything I've done in the

past away, artistically and spiritually.", says Jeff. " There's still that heavy, brooding

70's jam- rock essence throughout..." he says, reverently regarding bands such as

Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, the Beatles and Black Sabbath.

Then there's his newfound passion for tribal drums, hypnotic new age textures and

experimental, electronic music. " It's all vibes", he says.

Be on the lookout for Mountain Mirrors' " Improvisations From a Void"- an ecclectic

record of the consequences of straying from your soul, superstitions and


"...dark and brooding, yet inspiring and uplifting."--Cooool.co.uk

"Jeff Sanders has combined primal sounds and modern guitar riffs that seem to grab

your soul..."--buzzemporium.com

"Highly recommended your ears peeled for this upcoming CD release."--Bryan Baker,

Gajoob.com/DiY Report

This album will be available worldwide through CDStreet.com and


For more information, please contact Jeff Sanders at: Mountainmirrors@yahoo.com.


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