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Pressbox (Press Release) - DREAM
London’s First Major Exhibition Of Chinese Contemporary Art in the 21st Century

Oct 11th - Oct 21st Opening Night Oct 11th

“Chinese art will be the next thing the art world falls in love with..”
(Edward Lucie-Smith, Art Review Oct 2000)

The launch of the most important contemporary Chinese art exhibition in London to date has been announced today by The Red Mansion, an organisation set up to promote artistic exchange between Great Britain and China.

The forthcoming exhibition, entitled DREAM will showcase 75 works by 20 of the most exciting artists from China.

DREAM , Chinese Art in the 21st Century @ The Atlantis, 146 Brick Lane, London (Oct 11th – Oct 21st)

“In terms of the art that it is producing, China is the most exciting and interesting country in the world today” comments Nicolette Kwok, founder of The Red Mansion.

“As China adopts some of the most fundamental characteristics of a capitalist society; from mass-advertising to the emergence of nouveau riches; from shopping malls to skyscrapers, the pace of change is simply bewildering.

“DREAM is both a product and a reflection of this extraordinary stage in China’s history. The works we have gathered together, incorporating a broad range of media (oil, wood-cut, ink, sculpture, photography, video, installation and performance art), provide a cultural synopsis of contemporary Chinese [urban] society.

“DREAM will be a carnival of art. It will be informative, fun, engaging and stimulating. It will demonstrate the diversity of media and themes to be found in contemporary Chinese art.”

Li Ji: controversial Pet Series paintings -exploring the allegorical potential of combining woman and animal
Hai Bo: study of the passing of time through the reconstruction of scenes from old photographs with the surviving original subjects
Kwok Mang Ho: performance artist
Xu Zhongmin: woodcut panels that capture the claustrophobic atmosphere of the modern city
Fang Lijun: his bold-headed stereotypes stare at the viewer with a mixture of boredom and agony

Background to DREAM (*full narrative available)
China has changed immensely over the past three decades, and this is reflected in the development of its art forms.

The end of the Cultural Revolution in the 1970s, followed by Deng Xiao Ping’s open-door policy in the early 1980’s led to a revolution in the Chinese art establishment. The floodgates of information were opened and this exposed Chinese society to half a century of Western art and literature in one measure.

Chinese cultural policy has become increasingly tolerant, creating more room for artistic expression, with the result that there are now several generations of artists each with differing experiences and perspectives of China’s recent history.

Collectively, the artists are unified by their newly found freedom to focus on self-evaluation, exploring questions about individuality and the new consumer society that they live in.

“Some of the Chinese avant-garde are creating works that would be prohibited in the UK -“Many of the works by these artists make Hirst and Emin look tame..” comments Kwok. “This demonstrates the sort of extreme and urgent artistic debate that has emerged after the upheaval of the Cultural Revolution in China - in fact, it’s probably the richest and most engaging artistic debate currently taking place anywhere in the world.

“ DREAM represents the first opportunity for the British public to gain an insight into the whole spectrum of contemporary Chinese Art. I believe that Chinese Contemporary Art is finally going to get the profile that it deserves in the UK…”


DREAM - Chinese Art in the 21st Century @ Atlantis, 146 Brick Lane, London (October 11th – October 21st )

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