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How to identify Chinese antique furniture--Huanghuli wood?

Added: (Thu May 01 2008)

Pressbox (Press Release) - How to identify Huanghuali Furniture

Enjoy the room decorated by huanghuali furniture:

Resources from: http://www.orient-curio.com
Background of Huanghuli wood:
The Chinese term huanghuali literally means "yellow flowering pear" wood. It is a member of the rosewood family and is botanically classified as Dalbergia odorifera. In pre-modern times the wood was known as huali or hualu. The modifier huang(yellowish-brown) was added in the early twentieth century to describe old huali wood whose surfaces had mellowed to a yellowish tone due to long exposure to light.

The most qualified huanghuli furniture was made during Mid Ming dynasty and late Qianlong Emperor of Qing dynasty. Since mid Qing dynast, the materials of huanghuali became less and less to almost dispear. So the furniture made of huanghuali was not produced any more. Till now few huanghuali furniture left. It's the most precious and expensive member of furniture family at present.

Huanghuali furniture can usually be classified as Beds; tables; chairs.
Beds: frame bed, babu bed, arhat bed
Tables: square table, strip table
Chairs: folder chair, cap chair, hanging chair, round chair.

Beds classified:
There are three kinds of beds: frame bed, bubu bed and arhat bed.
They can be sold at 20 to 40 hundred thousand USD or higher per piece in the internationl market.
Bubu Bed Arhat bed

Arhat bed Frame bed Frame bed
Tables classified: There are square tables and strip tables.
Square tables can be classified as
8 people square tables(bigger one) and 4 people square tables
( smaller one). Can be sold at 10 to 60 thousand USD in the internationl market.
8 people tabe 8 people table 4 people table

4 people table Strip table Strip table
Chairs classified: There are four types of chairs.
They are folder chairs, official cap chairs, hanging chairs and round chairs.
They can be sold at 10 to 40 hundred thousand USD or higher
in the interntional market.
Folder chair Folder chair Official cap chair

Hanging chair Hanging chair Round chair

How to identify Huanghuali furniture?
The materials looks fine and texture clear. There are often some dark speckles. The old Huali was usually used to make furniture during that periond. Also with long time use,we can see the evidence of that. There seems to be a thin sheet of film.The light and color are soft and natural.

The structure are usually simply and beautiful.

This piece is an imitation.
There is no natual old evidence nor a thin sheet of film. So we can know that it was made in late time or present replicas.

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