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Added: (Fri Nov 24 2000)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Grinolsson's "World War III - The Night, The Angels Cry" is now being published by Zeus Publications of Australia. This new book is a disturbing probability of war by the United Nations intervening into the United States policies which have led it down the same road of fanatics for law and order as Nazi-Germany, where it now imprisons more of it citizens than and has more prisons and detention centers any other nation on earth. The Amercian prisons which are much more secure than the WWII concentration camps, are holding more and more "undesireables" on a 3 strikes and out system resulting in "life imprisonment without parole" which is a much more humane "death" sentence than the former ovens, but it just takes a little longer. When the prison system reaches saturation point because of the U.S. tactic of generating new crimes and lengthy prison systems with the use of "children's protection" laws to create public sympathy for law enforcement, the tide turns, as there is no one who feels safe from government intrusions and enslavement.
As the United States began to export its police tactics to other nations as a special interest business, the world came to recognize American for what it was. A new totalitarian nation which imposes its will on the world. In the end, America learns of their defeat which was withheld from the public until travellors noticed quaranteens, U.N. troops on U.S. borders, and other obtructions such as a World Naval blockade. And, finally.....The end is a shocker! For more on Grinolsson, you may wish to read about the author at http://www.childrensfairytales.com where he has a personal website of other stories and cretentials.

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