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Former EU economist’s vision of new society published

Added: (Mon Nov 06 2017)

Pressbox (Press Release) - A leading UK economist and former economic adviser to the European Parliament has unveiled his vision for the future of society.
Michael Lloyd, who lives in North East England, has reflected on experiences from his distinguished career to arrive at a plausible alternative to the current drive for neo-liberal globalisation.
Michael’s new book, The Revolution of Civil Society, has already reached number two in Amazon’s Theory chart.
Michael said: “I wanted to write a challenge to neo-liberal ideas, across a range of intellectual disciplines, and to provide a direction of travel away from neo-liberalism and its pursuit of individualistic morality
“The Revolution of Civil Society sets out a comprehensive analysis and counter-narrative to the neo-liberal market capitalist orthodoxy.
“The aim is to argue against not only neo-liberalism, but also its philosophical and political antecedents deriving from John Locke and from Adam Smith, but reflected in Friedrich Hayek and other neo-liberal advocates to the present day.”
Throughout the latter decades of the 20th century, more and more countries developed their economic policies based on neo-liberal market economics.
Although promoted as going hand in hand with democracy, neo-liberal market policy is held to lead to inequality; promotes both exploitation and social injustice, and damages the social fabric of society.
Michael believes a revolution of political, economic and social ideas is required to challenge the many wrongs which have occurred during the rapid spread of neo-liberal globalisation.
He argues that: “A new social enlightenment is required, one which sweeps away the foundations of the liberal individualist enlightenment which persist today in the form of neo-liberal, market economics and its philosophical underpinning, but also challenges the dangerous right-wing populist agendas".
“The Revolution of Civil Society shows how this may be achieved.”

Note for Editors
After leaving Cambridge, Michael joined the Trades Union Congress as an economist.
Throughout much of the 1970s he was a UK-based official of the European Commission.
He left to become Director of International Affairs at British Shipbuilders, and from the mid-80s ran an economic consultancy concerned with European affairs.
Michael was appointed Economic Adviser to the European Parliament on economic policy and monetary union for two years in the late 1990s.
Michael, still lectures on monetary and regional economics at the Global Policy Institute and on European economic issues at Newcastle University, is planning to write further in-depth books on several of the issues he has raised in The Revolution of Civil Society.

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