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Control Operations Using Micro Switch

Added: (Mon May 19 2014)

Pressbox (Press Release) - switch is a trademark and a frequently used name for an electric switch known as a ¡°miniature snap-action switch¡±. Micro representing the slight physical force needed to activate it. Usually, it¡¯s by the use of a tipping-point mechanism and sometimes is referred to as ¡°over-centre¡± mechanism. In a micro switch, the switching action is set to happen dependably at exact and repeatable loci of the actuator; though this process is not entirely true in other mechanisms. With the revolution in the electronic world, these switches are more common reason being that they are cheap and long lasting; estimated to have a durability of more than 1 million cycles, this is up to 10 million cycles. More so, the durability stated above applies to heavy duty models. Micro switch are easily purchased in online stores utsource.net being among the leading stores supplying micro switch gadgets in the world.

An overview of its design

In many of micro switches, they are designed to have to conductive springs; that are internally placed. One long and flat spring which is hinged at either end of the switch which is then wired to the other spring. Also, there is a small spring usually curved with the ability to extend itself (to enhance this, it¡¯s compressed during assembly). This curved spring is connected between the two springs near the contacts, and finally a fulcrum is positioned close to the midpoint of the flat spring. To make it work, there is an actuator nub which presses on the flat spring near it midpoint.

When the micro switch is in a normal position, the curved springs inside serves the purpose of providing enough upward force. The flat spring then moves upward upon the release of the actuator. This shift of events causes the forces emanating from the curved springs to
increase resulting in the move of the contacts. Once the contacts move, the circuit is complete.


As stated before, these switches are durable and safe hence can be used in simple home appliances like in door interlock this is on microwave oven, as safety switches in vending machines, elevators and also to sense paper jams or other faults of photocopy machines. In addition, Micro switches are also widely used in machinery, vehicles, industrial controls and many other places where control of electrical circuit is needed. Usually rated to withstand currents in control circuits only, they are mostly used in places where something needs to be monitored, like temperature, pressure and flow. For accuracy, it¡¯s operated with aid from a sensing machine like Bourdon tube. This is to ensure that the repeatability of the actuator loci is accurate and essential for long term. These switches can also be enclosed inside a solid housing mostly a metal, rollers or plungers hence forming a switch that limit useful control of machine tools or electrically ¨Cpowered machinery.

In conclusion, miniature Snap-action switch (micro switch) is recommended for people interested in taking control of their systems. The switches come in variety and for different purposes. For more insight and even purchases, utsource.net is the place to visit.
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APX9131:Effect Micro Switch IC
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APX9131ATI-TRL:Effect Micro Switch IC

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