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Childrens Gardening - Indoor Herb Garden

Added: (Sat Mar 14 2009)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Jake and Jasmine always enjoy getting together, because they always find something fun to do. They like to spend the majority of their time outdoors, because there is so much to do than indoors.

A few days ago they had visited Nan Fran to ask her about her strawberry cake recipe, which Jakes mom wanted to try making. They showed up exactly on time for lunch and Nan Fran treated them with pasta with pesto. The macaroni were very tasty with this green sauce and Jasmine asked what is it made of. Nan Fran explained that it is made from basil that I grow in the garden.

Dan The Gardener said I will give you the Basil seeds. I have some here in my shed ,Dan had a big happy smile that comes up on his face when he talks to people about growing plants. Jake and Jasmine thought it would be fun to have a go and see what happens. They thought they would do just one small plant pot on the window-sill in Jasmines bedroom, she chose a beautiful pot which she had painted with images of sunflowers in their art class with Miss Pickles

Childrens Gardening is great fun, you too can have your own Indoor Herb Garden project at home.
You will need a pot, soil, few Basil seeds and make sure to ask your parents.
Collect some soil from around the trees and to mix it together with a little bit of compost, then put it in the pot.
Mix it with about small handful of seeds,place them in the pot and a little bit more soil over the top of the seeds.
For the first 7 days water them every day.
When the first baby herb-plants show up, then water them every other day, If they grow too fast it can reduce the flavour of the herb
You can do the same for other herbs like Parsley, Dill or Thyme

Look after these plants for six weeks before the basil is ready for you to pick. Jasmine mentioned that she would keep a Basil Journal to log every stage of the Basil growing.

Yes, that is great idea, It would be even better if we plant some more herbs, different then basil and find out the differences about how they grow, let us call it The Herb Gardening project. Sounds like real fun, said Jake

Submitted by:Kathy Rustell
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