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72 Secret Arts of Monks from the Shaolin Monastery

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The seventy two Shaolin Secret Arts are methods of preparing the entire body and the head for motion underneath excessive circumstances (initial of all, in situations of real-lifestyle hand-to-hand fight). If you prepare only hand-to-hand tactics and do not shell out focus to special coaching, you will by no means achieve the maximum mastery and your actions will lack the actual drive. "The fists are like flowers, and the legs like embroidery needles", chortle the outdated masters at these kinds of "techniques". The 72 Arts of Shaolin are the foundation of the utmost mastery in all variations of Kung Fu.

"Seventy-two precious arts are stored in a brocade bag, they are retained like a great treasure. Eighteen of them are the essence of the popular treatises on pugilistic arts. Eighteen other arts describe in depth training strategies with the use of specific equipment and training products. Wonderful approaches of attaining the flexibility of the breath-chi, exercises in obtaining hardness and lightness, clenching techniques are composed with the blood of monks in guides that are kept like a treasure in the brocade bag. One can seldom fulfill individuals who really want to do workouts with zeal: to turn into a real hero, 1 need to frequently come to feel bitter flavor of challenging labour." /Mystery Shaolin Treatises on the Pugilistic Artwork/

Seventy-two varieties of the Shaolin Arts depict an case in point of personal knowledge of monks from the Shaolin Monastery in the Songshan Mountains. This expertise was obtained by challenging exercise routines in battle arts during a lot of epochs. The very best samples of these seventy-two arts are these kinds of powerful methods as qi gong (chi kung), respiratory exercise routines chi, exercises to acquire hardness ying gong and lightness qing gong, acupoint therapeutic massage dian xue, clenching arts qin na (chin na), the artwork of placing dislocations and bones and other individuals.

"In all practices of the Seventy-two Arts at initial the simple theory is analyzed and only then exercises are completed. At 1st those who exercise the arts practice the softness of their sinews and bones and consider to make agile all their joints and articulations. Then they set into motion the principal breath ZONG LI, strengthen the inner organs FU, boost blood condition, consolidate entire body strength, control the cinnabar area and concentrate vitality in it, overcome their needs and specifications. The energy spreads on the four extremities and the hundred joints and articulations, now a fighter is in command of limitless electrical power and he can shift off a single thousand jins. Your arm weighing only ten jins can move a thing weighing ten thousand jins with a stroke. Your arms are a head, your legs are a tail. Every thing is permeated with a one motion, the human body moves like a dragon. Instructors said: "Shaolin exercise routines develop forces of the whole human organism, all joints and bones you are capable of striking with all elements of your body." There is a single much more stating: "The fist is the source of all arts and the leg is the base, the root of the fist." Normal practice of pugilism is made up of seventy per cent of leg coaching and thirty percent of fist instruction. If you obtain pugilism, you can use eighteen varieties of weapon. If you vacation resort to all ruses of pugilism, you can fight from ten thousand fighters." /Mystery Shaolin Treatises on the Pugilistic Art/

72 Magic formula Arts of Monks from the Shaolin Monastery:

1. Method "Diamond Finger" (Yi Zhi Jingang Fa).

2. Physical exercise "Twin Lock" (Shuang Suo Gong).

three. Physical exercise "Placing with Foot" (Zu She Gong).

four. Exercising "Pulling out a Nail" (Bo Ding Gong).

five. Exercise "Ringing Round a Tree" (Bao Shu Gong)

six. 4-Portion exercise (Si Duan Gong).

7. Workout "One particular Finger of Chan Meditation" (Yi Zhi Chan Gong).

8. Workout "Iron Head"(Tie Tou Gong).

9. Exercising "Iron Shirt" (Tie Bu Shan Gong).

ten. Physical exercise "A Sequence of Blows" (Pai Da Gong).

eleven. Physical exercise "Sweeping with an Iron Broom" (Tie Sao Zhou).

twelve. Physical exercise "Hand - a Bamboo Leaf" (Zhu Ye Shou Gong).

13. Physical exercise Leaping Centipede (WU GONG TIAO).

14. Raising a Excess weight of one thousand JINs (TIE QIAN JIN).

fifteen. Celestial's Palm (XIAN REN ZHANG).

16. Strategy of Hardness and Softness (GANG ROU FA).

17. Cinnabar Palm (ZHU SHA ZHANG).

18. Workout Lying Tiger (WO HU GONG).

19. Swimming and Diving Ability (QIU SHUI SHU).

20. Sluice Shutter weighing a thousand JINs (QIAN JIN ZHA).

21. Covering with a Gold Bell (JIN ZHONG ZHAO).

22. Physical exercise Finger Lock (SUO ZHI GONG).

23. Luohan's Workout (LUOHAN GONG).

24. Lizard Climbs the Wall (BIHU YU QIANG SHU).

twenty five. The Art of Lash (BIAN JIN FA).

26. Workout "PIPA" (PIPA GONG).

27. "The Pole of a Falling Star" (LIU XING ZHUANG).

28. "Poles of Plum Bloom" (MEI HUA ZHUANG).

29. The Art of Stone Padlock (SHI SUO GONG).

thirty. "Skill of the Iron Arm" (TIE BI GONG).

31. "Fist like a Bullet" (DANZI QUAN).

32. Exercising "Delicate Bones" (ROU GU GONG).

33. Exercise "Frog" (HAMA GONG).

34. Workout "Piercing the Curtain" (CHUAN LIAN GONG).

35. The Force of Eagle's Claws (YING ZHAO LI).

36. Method "Iron Bull" (TIE NIU GONG).

37. Talent of Eagle Wings (YING YI GONG).

38. Arm of Sunlight Rays (YANG GUANG SHOU).

39. Workout for Groin (Males DAN GONG).

forty. Workout "Iron Bag" (TIE DAI GONG).

41. Approach that Reveals the Truth (JIE DI GONG).

forty two. Talent of Tortoise Back (GUI BEI GONG).

43. Ability of Deft Jumps (CUAN ZONG SHU).

44. Talent of Light Physique (JIN SHEN SHU).

45. Exercising "Iron Knees" (TIE XI GONG).

forty six. Approach of Jumps (TIAO YAO FA).

forty seven. Palm of Iron Sand (TIE SHA ZHANG).

48. Pulling a Silk Thread (YI XIAN CHUAN).

49. Method of drawing in YIN (XI YIN GONG).

fifty. Strategy of "Rubbing and Thrusts" (MO CHA SHU).

fifty one. Exercising "Stone Pile" (SHI ZHU GONG).

fifty two. Ability "Neither Lances nor Broadswords Can Wound" (QIANG DAO BU RU FA).

53. Gong Fu "Flight" (FEI XING GONG).

fifty four. Hand of Five Poisons (WU DU SHOU).

55. Ability of H2o Separation (FEN SHUI GONG).

fifty six. To Fly Up to the Ridge and to Wander on a Wall (FEI YAN ZOU).

fifty seven. Skill of Somersaulting (Enthusiast TENG SHU).

58. Pole of Cypress (BAI SHU ZHUANG).

59. Ba Wang's Elbow (BA WANG ZHOU).

sixty. Workout "Pinching a Flower" (NIAN HUA GONG).

61. Workout "Pushing a Mountain with Palm" (TUI SHAN ZHANG).

sixty two. Technique of Horse Saddle (MA AN GONG).

sixty three. Ability of Nephrite Belt (YU DAI GONG).

sixty four. YIN Fist Technique (YIN QUAN GONG).

65. Talent of Sand Bags (SHA BAO GONG).

66. Talent "Piercing Through Stones" (DIEN SHI GONG).

sixty seven. Skill "Pulling Out a Mountain" (BO SHAN GONG).

sixty eight. Claws of Mantis (TANGLANG ZHAO).

69. Ability "Bag" (BU DAI GONG).

70. Palm of Guan Yin (GUAN YIN ZHANG).

seventy one. Talent "Raising a Pot" (SHANG GUAN GONG).

seventy two. Rubbing Palms (HE PAN ZHANG).

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